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April 8th, 2005

I learned a new point of view that Avalon is a “form-based” kind of UI. Currently the UI that we have consists a frame window which takes care of most displaying job, and a bunch of dialog boxes which take care of most jobs which need user interactions. A “form-based” kind of UI means shifting the job of dialog boxes back to the frame window, so that it’s like switching over different forms to do jobs. I know this kind of UI makes sense when HTTP is used, but I kind of doubt that it will be more intuitive for users to use.

Everyone’s talking about secure computing now and you’ve better know what the heck are DREAD and STRIDE to get some merit increase. Well, I think there simply three rules to follow to be a “secure coder”. Think like a hacker, be paranoid of coding, and make sure that you keep up with the buzz words and use them to write your report. Did I watch too much Dilbert comic?

Microsoft says that their newest Platform SDK offer 64-bit tools for you to build your program and you’d better start to do it now. Thanks for the reminder, but, where the heck is atlstr.h? CString went back to afx.h instead of atlstr.h, which implies it’s all your fault to use ATL7/WTL to implement your program and you should use MFC or STL. Nice. Maybe that’s one way to push people upgrade their tool to VS 2005.

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