VisualStudio 2005 Try-Out (3)

March 22nd, 2005

I’ve installed another VM for VS2005 Feb CTP and WinFX March CTP. It’s time to try-out the new Avalon and Indigo stuff, which is supposed to appear in Windows Longhorn in 2006. In the mean time Microsoft delayed the shipment of SQL2005 and VS2005 to “by the end of 2005”, so there’s still great chance that these products undergo mass changes before shipment.

Avalon uses XAML to do the UI stuff. Its programming paradigm is very similar to ASP.NET development. The designer needs to do some markup language to describe the UI first, then he/she can use code-behind to fine tune the behavior beyond. It’s still too early to tell how it compares with other UI stuffs we have today, and the only thing that we can be sure is that it still needs one or two years to get mature. My definition of “mature” means:

  1. There’s visual tool for Rapid Application Development
  2. It can do everything that today’s Windows applications can

I don’t think the first criterion can be met in VS2005, because in MS’s roadmap this will be done in VS2006. Also, WinFS will not be supported until VS2006, which implies most developers will not be able to pickup Longhorn programming until VS2006 shipped, which will be by the end of 2006.

Not too bad though, Longhorn itself won’t be there by second half of 2006.

Microsoft claims that the new presentation core will utilize the power of graphic acceleration cards. However, in the CTP version of presentation core, I guess it’s still not there because my FireGL won’t paint polygons in that dragging speed if you really use it. Managed DirectX also needs time to develop since its nature “direct” opposed to be “managed”.

I’d say that it not the time to kick-in now because Microsoft guys are still playing around some very basic stuff of it. Let’s sit back and wait for another six months.

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