LA Festival of Books

April 24th, 2005

LA Times sponsored Festival of Books is held in UCLA campus this weekend. My wife and I visited there yesterday. I had been to Taipei International Books Exhibition in TWTC Exhibition Hall, so I said to myself, “Well, all book exhibitions are the same”. I am very wrong, not all books exhibitions are created equal. Most booths and exhibitions are outdoors in LA Festival of Books, and thus the air is much fresher. The drawback of being outdoor is the books for display are fewer because exhibitors worried that putting heavy bookshelves will damage the grass (I saw only one among ~300 exhibitors puts big shelves in its booth).

This exhibition is very interesting because of its diversity. Besides books displaying, sales, and signing events, it provides lectures, music performances, family activities, …, etc. One can definitely sense the efforts that the organizers of this festival if been there. The exhibition is free (though UCLA parking is $7 flat). The consequence of a “free” event like this is that the sales people of LA Times will bump in your way and try to sell their newspapers.

Another interesting part of this exhibition is that it has a big mess area. I saw many people just walk in boothes with coke in their hand, which is impossible in Taiwan 🙂 By the way, UCLA’s bookstore has a flat 20% off on all books during the event. It’s a pity that I am not interested in the books that sold in it. (I’m more interested in the Mac Mini …)

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