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August 30th, 2009

My big boss said I need to put something for earthlings on my blog, so, I’ll start sharing peonic ideas about food and dining. Let’s begin with the review of Cafe de L’Opera in San Diego. We had a family trip to San Diego recently, and we decided to give this French cafe a try based on the search results on the web. The restaurant is located at Gas Lamp District in San Diego (1354 5th Ave, San Diego, CA 92101), which is a recently revitalized downtown area. Price is about 20 to 30 USD per person. My first impression? The restaurant is fairly decorated, the server for our table is a good guy with personality, and the leading waitress is very beautiful 🙂 Err … yes madam, food is more important, I’ll start blogging them immediately.


I did not think of reviewing when I dined there so there were no dedicated pictures for each plate. We arrived at dinner time, and we ordered Pizza Opera, Speghetti de Mare, and Mango salad (? not sure about the salad’s name). The breads are okay, served with extra virgin olive oil and balsamic vinegar, and no surprises. Pizza Opera is very delicious! Bravo! Bacon, chicken breast, spinch, and mascapone cheese blended very well with base sauce and the pizza crust. Pizza is well baked in traditional brick oven and smells really good. The pizza dough tasted like the hand-tossed ones, and well prepared with perfect mix of texture, softness, and crispyness.

Speghetti de Mare is a good dish. The speghetti is sort of “al dante” but I couldn’t tell if it’s machined or handmade. It’s not as impressive as what I had in Al Dente in New York City. Don’t get me wrong, the dish did serve plenty of fresh seafood, nice blended alfredo sauce, it’s just that I was spoiled by the dish from Al Dente. Mango salad is an interesting dish: it tastes nice with little surprises of the mixture of the materials inside. Unfortunately I was so bad at telling which veggies are there simply by the leaves so don’t ask me how to reproduce it 🙂

We had vanilla sorbet, creme brulee, and tiramisu for deserts. Well, we assume that they would be as impressive as the courses we had, but unfortunately the assumption was invalid. The deserts are simply, sweets. I also ordered latte. Although this is a French Cafe, the coffee is American size, and I’d suggest you skip it and have something in Starbucks. In short, this is a good cafe with nice food which I’ll visit again, but I’m certain I’ll skip the deserts and coffee next time.

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