PDC 2008: Day 2 Keynote

October 30th, 2008

World-famous PDC keynote marathon was held on day 2, which filled the whole morning with keynotes! The first part of keynote was the announcement of Windows 7. Microsoft disclosed their goal to be complete user experience where PC, web, and cell phones worked together. Lot of time was spent to demo new features of Windows 7. Most of these features were minor or cosmetic, in fact, some already existed in current Vista SP1. Windows 7 shared the same kernel with Windows Server 2008 and Windows Vista SP1. Major improvement of Windows 7 will be performance and resource efficiency, which implied that Microsoft had intimate knowledge about Vista’s problems. What I found more interesting as “new” features were multi-touch support and home networking. Some programs will be much more fun to use if via multi-touch. I was not quite impressed when I saw multi-touch during the keynote, however, my view was completely overthrown when I played Tetris on Surface. It is REALLY FUN!

Windows 7 had a super cool feature: it could mount VHD directly, and it could boot from VHD volume. It will be revolutional for system backup and restore. There will be reverting to a snapshot just like what we did everyday with VMWare, COOL!

The second part of keynote was Live Services and Office. I was bored out so I skipped it, grabbed some coffee, and enjoyed a little break. Final part of keynote is the talk show hosted by Don Box and Chris Anderson … err … I mean, the demo of coding Azure. It was a nice, knowledgeful, and humorous talk. However, I’d suggest people to do their homework and pilot run a bit before really adopting or coding Azure. It definitely won’t be that simple as demonstrated in the keynote. It’s like swimming in the ocean: it’s only fun and safe if you know how to swim and you are well-prepared.

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