PDC 2008: Pre-conference

October 27th, 2008

I’ve attended pre-conference of PDC 2008 today. The first thing for excited attendees is to cool them down with long lines of registration check-in … well, not really the case today. What really surprise me is that Microsoft is giving shopping bags from 99 cents store as conference bag.


I was wondering that if this is the reflection of sluggish stock market and Wall Street storms. The other funny thing is that PDC 08 T-shirts have HP/EDS trademark instead of Microsoft’s.

The session that I stayed in whole day today is Advanced Windows Debugging. It’s a nice session, however, the speakers are not able to cover too many topics nor dive in deep due to time and audience limits. I would prefer running the session in a hands-on lab so that people could just follow and learn one topic deep enough. Anyway, I still learned quite a few during the session.

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