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September 6th, 2006

Finally I’ve moved both my English and Chinese blogs from Blogger to WordPress.  There needs to be reasons, or should I say, strong enough driving forces to push a lazy guy moving his blogs.  One major reason is that I suffered enough from Blogger’s bugs and I don’t want to keep blogging with them.  By the way, when the number of articles on my blog keeps growing, I need a more advanced blogging solution to help me handle things like archiving, tagging, and searching.  I am glad that my 1and1 hosting is powerful enough to host a personal WP blog.

So far I am using WordPress with DunkeyLove theme (of course slightly modified).  I have troubles finding a good WYSIWYG editor that is comparable to the one on Blogger.

For those friendlies subscribing my old RSS or ATOM feed, please update the address because I configured apache to redirect my original address to the new one, so your feed links will be broken.  Sorry about the inconvenience.

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