Will this certification be effectively discharged?

July 11th, 2006

It seems to me that this certification is going to be rendered useless in the upcoming .Net 2.0 era. Well, since I am an MCSD, I am allowed to show off this logo on my personal blog. If you want to know whether the certification works, I’d say, it works to some degree. I pursued this certification during my last job hunting, and it did inspire some curiosity from the interviewers I met. To judge that if this worth the hundreds of dollars and time spending for it, that would be your own call. By the way, I learned .Net thoroughly when I was pursuing for MCSD, in this case it’s a good pushing force for lazy people. 

However, if you are doing job hunting, my advice is that your real knowledge is everything. I don’t think I was hired because of my charming characteristics (maybe? lol) nor the little certification.

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