Good free counters are hard to find

September 23rd, 2004

In the good old days, I was using the free counters provided by They’ve limited the use of their counter to domains, thus I have to find another free counter for my blogs. By asking Google I got a bunch of links, but they are not helpful. Most links brought you to their commercials and wasted much of your time before you got a chance to see what the counters look like. Well, this maybe some way to do marketing: waste your time so that you won’t shop around other places. Genius.

They were wrong. Serious bloggers just click the lovely Back button on his browser, then go back to Google search results and try the next one.

I finally realized that already suggested several vendors. (Well, you know, users don’t read manual, nor dialog, nor FAQ, …) After another round of try-and-error’s, I finally got something that is not satisfactory but acceptable.

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