Toughest XBox “Game” Ever

September 1st, 2013

My kids eventually recalled that they had Once Upon A Monster in house, and they wanted to play it. They ran to me for help. I figured that they can’t play because my account can’t be logged in. Interesting …

Alright s**t happens so let’s fix it. My only complaint for XBox until today is that its updating process is so lame. Well, not too fast, I had found another even lamer feature, and allow me to demonstrate it.

I can’t login, and the screen says nothing useful except a cryptic code 831188FE. What the heck? Is this a problem solving game? Okay, let Google help me find out. Google pointed me to the XBox support web site, and guess what it said? It requires you to do following steps:

  1. Delete XBox profile
  2. Delete System Cache, make sure you delete them twice
  3. Download XBox profile

Hold here, this is just an “abstract”. Every step has a separate document pointing you how to do that. WTF in the world do they think this is for? MIS professional training? Com’on, this is an XBox! A GAME CONSOLE!

I’m glad that I’m an IT professional so it took me a bit shy of half an hour to deal with this crap. Unfortunately my kids were too tired to wait and they just went straight to bed. I now can totally understand why Mr. Ballmer is going to have his exit plan. If I were to have product integration working like this, I’d just cash out and let next poor CEO to deal with these craps.

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