PDC 2009: Day 3

November 20th, 2009

There was no keynote today and I splitted my time evenly on sessions and Microsoft booths since I was not too interested about most sessions provided today. Surprisingly it was very useful to chat with a Microsoft researcher I met in the booth. He helped to find the right technology to (possibly) solve the issues I had.

Or, I’m finally lucky today to engage the right expert to answer my questions.

Since I had more time today, I finally could observe other attendee’s behaviors. I figured that many remaining attendees used the camping strategy for sessions, which implied that they stayed in the same conference room and just sampled through a variety of topics that were presented. I sort of doubt if this were a good strategy this year since PDC 09 seemed to attempt arranging rooms per topic areas.

Anyway, the conference is adjourned and I am exhausted. Better get a good sleep so that I can handle works piled in my e-mail inbox 🙂

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