Gossip: Why is Synchronization Important?

July 27th, 2008

In Joel’s article, he joked about “architect astronaut” and the idea of synchronization.  Alright, there seems to be something really weird.  Microsoft is not the only guy in this “synchronization” business.  If synchronizing files is not making profit, why so many folks keep burning money on it?

IMO, synchronzing files does not make money by itself.  It’s just the fundation of a (money-making) vision: share info and work with peer easily.  Had you ever play chess?  Direct moves are not necessarily smart moves, because sometimes you just need to plan and take indirect moves to win.  Today’s mobile devices have at most VGA resolution screens so there are not really “killer applications” yet.  However, if one just sit and wait the whole environment to mature and everyone having a cell phone with dirt cheap data fee and XGA screens, it’s too late for the game.

The term “synchronization” is not accurate at all.  It’s more about cloud computing.  All informations are stored and manipulated in the cloud so that they are of course “synchronized”.  Is cloud computing another hype created by architect astronauts?  I don’t think so.  Who needs synchronizing files?  Eventually everyone will enjoy, since it is just a very minor checklist item provided in the big package.

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