Trapped in LA

January 17th, 2005

Last Saturday I went to LA with my wife to do shopping in 99 Ranch. When we were done at 4:30 PM and tried to start the engine of my old 89′ Nissan Maxima, it refused to start. I just got a new battery in Sears last Wednesday, so that made me scratching my head and couldn’t figure out why.

Well, time to call in AAA. The operator wanted me to give her an address so she can send somebody there. I told her the address is 104 W. Valley Blvd, San Gabriel. Well, what she got is 104 W. Bally Blvd, Los Angeles … After nearly 15 minutes she finally figured it out. (damn, the air fee is very expensive!) She didn’t know what’s the problem and she didn’t know which garage still opens on 5:00 PM Saturday. As a result, I asked her to send somebody here, jump start my car and see if I can make it home.

A driver was sent to us 20 minutes later, and he tried to jump start my car. The car started and he left. When I tried to turn on the light, boom, the car stopped again. I ran to the driver who was still stucked in the parking lot and asked him to help. He then jump started our car again and told us to wait for 20 minutes to let the battery recharge.

After 20 minutes, I turn on the light and it stopped again. I had to call AAA again. It was 6:10 PM and the operator told me that there’s a Pepboyz nearby with battery service and they are open until 10:00 PM. Good news. So another driver was sent to me and towed my car to the Pepboyz.

We arrived at the Pepboyz at 7:05 PM. Guess what? They say they are closing at 8:00PM, but it’s 7:05PM and they are closing their door. Cool. I had to put my car there overnight. Fortunately, I got a friend lives nearby and he can took us to a nearby Motel 6. My car is fixed on Sunday. Its alternator is freaking dead and being replaced.

I shall shop for a new car.

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