An analogy of approaching your customer

January 11th, 2005

Recently I got bugged by our biz people. They got very excited because there are “big fishes” in front of them as they always do. Well, I’m the bad guy who tells people to calm down. Here’s my analogy.

Approaching your customer is like approaching a girl in a dancing party. The first meeting with your customer is like inviting the girl for dancing. Do you ask girls, “hey sweety, will you sleep with me tonight?”, when you do the invitation? You normally don’t (unless you know you’re James Bond and she’ll do everything to sleep with you). The procedure should be inviting her the dance, do some little chat, make her like you, both of you talks more, send her to her place or your place, do some kissing and teasing, and then you go all the way to the bed. Well, maybe not that routine but for sure it’s not a one-step work.

What’s interesting here is, marketing people always try to ask “sleeping” questions when they first engage a potential customer. Or, they daydreamed what a good “sex performance” will be done even when they are not even ready to do the invitation.

Well, next time when your biz people got jumpy and bluffing, check if their ties are tied right, shoes are shone, and tuxedos are ironed. If they don’t, don’t waste your time preparing the bouquet, you need to prepare trash can, South Park video, and beers instead.

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