Wonderful Asus P4P800

December 13th, 2004

My old hard drive, Maxtor 160G ATA, crashed recently. Unfortunately the 1-year warranty just expired so that it is not exchangable, so I got a Seagate Barracuda SATA 200G to replace it. After I reinstalled all my stuff back on that drive, the machine got crazy and rebooted itself randomly. I found that some files have CRC errors … well, it’s not likely to be caused by the new hard drive. So I replaced all the IDE and SATA cables inside the box. No luck, same result.

Geez, is the Barracuda freaking crazy? I pulled it out and use another machine to test it. Perfectly okay. Hmm …

Finally I used Google to search hardware forums to see if I am the first guy who got into this mess. Well, I am not. The old version of Asus P4P800 BIOS is the problem maker. So I upgraded my BIOS from version 1009 to 1019, OMG, all problems solved and it works like breeze … Damn Asus! How dare you let this sucker on retail shelf? Are your QC guys all on vacation?

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