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If you are looking some good stuff for your kids, you must visit your local libraries!!!We love libraries. This summer both my kids participated the summer reading programs in Culver City and Torrance. Why? Because we just moved from Culver City to Torrance and we still have friends there and we love the programs … One of the “final” prize in Culver City library was a bike! It was donated by a dentist clinic. A boy got it ^0^. Though we didn’t get the bike, we had a great reading experience ^0^.
PS. If you join the summer reading program, you’ll receive a little prize every week when you visit the library.

^0^ Free electronic storybooks and games
go down and click TumbleBooks

When we went to the library, WeiWei liked to use the kid’s computer.
She liked to listen to the story with cute animations.
This is a perfect resource for us because we can do it at home^0^.

Free LAPL games

* Author Search Game
* Book Match Game
* Book Wall Game
* CampPete – Pete Carroll’s Online Football Game & Reading Club
* Children’s Court Panel Coloring Book
* Jigsaw Puzzles
* Lights Out

Song and Song Lyrics KIDiddles

When WeiWei first went to school, I can’t understand what she sang to me. One of the reasons was that she was young and the language was new to her, and the other reason was I am not familiar with the English songs since I grew up with Chinese lyrics^0^~~
I learned kid’s songs in the libraries and from music CDs. If you still don’t know what your children sing, ask your children’s teachers ~^0^~. They will be great to help^0^.

Search a great school for your children according to your zip code, know the school’s rating.

Coloring paper & games for kids

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Oh!!! If you also know something awesome,please reply on the website so we can share with everyone!!^0^

Another great on-line learning resources:
Thanks for Jean to share the super great website with us.
This is good for you and your kids to learn together!!

Updated on Spet 3rd.

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