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I would like to share our super hero – a bento container with you!!


The preschools our kids went before can reheat lunch for them so we took hot lunch as granted. Not anymore in kindergarten. We have a kindergartner this year and we still want her to have hot lunches at school. They can buy hot food in school cafeteria, and it’s actually good to let them try different food and have “shopping” experiences at school. However, we prefer to prepare home-made bento for her instead of purchasing hot lunch regularly. After searching for a couple of days, we bought Ms. Bento at Mitsuwa for $39.99 plus tax. You can also find it at Amazon.

We bought two sets, and they both worked well. We used microwave to reheat the lunch in the morning and put the heated lunch in the bento container. At lunch time when I opened the container, I could still see the hot steam! I love it!!!! If you are looking something like this, you must take a look at this one!!

There’s a blue version of Ms. Bento which has only two containers. The price at Mitsuwa is $36.99 plus tax. We didn’t buy that one because Wei-Wei could not open one of the containers. It seals really tight. Mitsuwa is very generous to have samples in store, and you might want to have your child try before paying.

Actually kids grow up fast, we might still get the gray version anyway even if Wei-Wei were able to open the blue one. She can use the gray version of Ms. Bento for many years.

I am so glad that we find the solutions at the beginning of school year. Hope this works for you, too. ^O^

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