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I mentioned several free resources in my last article, for example, library’s story time, electronic storybooks, games, songs, coloring papers, etc. (

In this article, I am going to talk about free books.
Again, libraries are our good friends.
Borrow any books and DVDs from library is free!!!

I bring my kids to a specific library once a week. They can choose some books and DVDs on their own and I will borrow a couple more English and Chinese books for them.

Each children can receive a free book from the library per year.
Kids – a Free Book for you
LA libraries have GAB volunteers to read for your kids. A volunteer told me that a girl has been to her service time for 6 years. Wow! My kids will be benefited a lot if they have a native English speaker to talk to them every week.
It’s a pity that I don’t find similar activities at Torrance area yet. If you know any of them, please let me know.^0^

Adult Literacy-“Family Program”-Five free books
If you are a ESL learner like me and you would like to have a Native speaker to tutor your English one by one, you might want to check LA or Santa Barbara libraries for the Adult Literacy program. This program is dedicated to help those who are not able to read. However, they also welcome anyone who wants to improve their English. I learned this program when I was at Santa Barbara. I am so happy to meet all my tutors. Thank you, you are not only my teachers but also my friends. I am so appreciated the touched experiences!
If you have a child when you participate in this program, the coordinator will ask you if you want to join the family reading program. You can choose five books. They are very good ones. For example,
The Wheels on the Bus
The Very Hungry Caterpillar

Library’s Story Time
Yes, I remember when we went to the story time at Julian Dixon library in Culver City, they gave away little hardboard books for us.

Library’s Book sale- $50cents a book!!
If you’ve never been to a library’s book sale, you must try it! Even bookstore keepers shop there!
I have been to library’s book sale for three times at three different libraries. They all surprised me!
The books in the following picture are all from book sale. Prices are from 25cents to 1 or 2 dollars.


Another great on-line learning resources:
Thanks for Jean to share the super great website with us.
This is good for you and your kids to learn together!!

Coming soon
Free Resources for Kids(3)-Free Toys

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