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October 3rd, 2004

I found a very good book for teaching C# Windows Form programming:

MCAD/MCSD Training Guide (70-316): Developing and Implementing Windows-Based Applications with Visual C# and Visual Studio.NET, Amit Kalani, Que 2002

It’s near perfect 🙂 Covers almost everything you need to know about .NET Windows Form programming. The only important thing missing is multithreading under Windows Form, because the MCAD/MCSD exam does not test this area. Contents of this book are well-organized and professionally presented. Hands-on practices are well designed, and everything you need to notice is high lighted. A very good book for both exam preparation and self-study. Highly recommended.

However, it’s not the C# primer book. You may need to pick other text book about C# semantics and syntax if you or your audience have little knowledge about C#.

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